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7 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Traffic with AHREF

When anyone asks, ‘what is social media marketing’, ‘feedback’ and ‘improvement’ and ‘more feedback’ are worth mentioning as mandatory factors. This is because these factors are essential for ensuring that your social media marketing company remains in the thick of the competition and moves ahead of your competitors.   Fundamentally, is described as a ....

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How UX and SEO Are Interconnected With Each Other

Today’s fast-paced internet marketing is really a force to reckon with. It entails that businesses have a dominant online presence to reach out to clients and partners with effective strategies, and to hope for generation of B2B leads using fora such as the likes of social media platforms. Setting up a business on the web essentially means putting up a well-designed website. And, because ....

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How Embedding Videos in Twitter Would Be Useful

Twitter is social media platform that reaches millions of active subscribers every day. Up to 2 million tweets are made every single day on the social networking website coming from all walks of life: journalists, politicians, musicians, home makers, students all use twitter to express and share their opinions. That almost sounds like a digital newspaper. And that’s exactly why Twitter ....

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Why Facebook Edge Rank Update Is Good For Online Businesses

After its humble beginnings as a social network for college students, Facebook gradually became a highly valuable platform for businesses to capitalize on. With individual profiles and pages having the ability to show posts in their contacts' timelines free marketing was huge. While paid marketing followed, at least 4% of what users post on their pages still shows up in their contacts' ....

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