Deals on Power Case Study

About Deals on Power:

Deals on Power is a resource for availing affordable power and great energy deals. The services for customers are based on all connections in the industry, making it possible to bring brilliant energy deals. Deals on Power offers a comparison consulting that’s most convenient to use when a user needs to see immediate results for energy rates.


Deals on Power goal is to reach those people who are looking to save on their monthly energy bills. Customer makes an inquiry through website and they get in touch with them to help them how they can lower their energy bills. So, our end goal was to generate leads through online marketing channels.


BrandJaws collaborated with Deals on Power to help the company generate leads through their website using Paid Google Search and Facebook Channels. We did analysis of the market and build a strategy to help them generate leads.

  • A detailed Keywords research was conducted
  • Target Areas were: Connecticut, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts
  • Ad groups and ads were created for highly profitable keywords
  • Campaign were scheduled to run between 8am till 3pm EST Time (Monday to Friday).
  • Display Campaign was created with topic targeting of “Energy Saving”
  • Facebook Campaign was created with Interest targeting of “Electricity Bill Savings” and “Reduce Gas Price”
  • Google Analytics were installed with strategic goals and events tracking to track inquiries.


  • 50,000+ Impressions was served through PPC campaigns in 15 Days
  • 400+ Clicks
  • Search Campaign Click through rate was 3.14% with avg. position of 4.
  • Conversion Rate was 6%
  • 23 Inquiries were received through Website form and a lot more through direct call to 800 numbers on average each month.

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