Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Choose BrandJaws web analytics service to make your online marketing a roaring success. BrandJaws has a solid reputation for delivering analytics services that beat most competitors.

Web Analytics

BrandJaws builds your online marketing strategy from scratch, and includes all that you need for comprehensive control, such as web analytics. Our strength, analytics consulting, is always in demand, and our team members are all Google Analytics certified and highly skilled in dealing with operating a Google Analytics services.


  • Installation & Configuration
  • Reporting And Analysis
  • Goals And Events Tracking
  • KPI’s Analysis
  • Return On Investment Analysis
  • User Behavior Analysis

Web Analytics Services to Monitor and Manage Your Online Marketing

In order to understand how your online marketing campaigns and strategies are progressing, web analytics can be implemented easily. BrandJaws offers exceptional service in Google Analytics in order to pinpoint your progress. We realize how important it is to take care of every dollar you spend on your PPC and Display advertising campaigns, and we make it easier for you to track your progress.

BrandJaws Leads the Way in Implementing web analytics tools

We are keen to demonstrate how you can improve your presence online with Google Analytics. We can show you exactly how to use Google Analytics for creating a solid impression and grow your customer base quickly.

Our team members demonstrate the use of web analytics software that any top performing analytics company will implement. BrandJaws observes all your online marketing detail in one place by implementing what is known as a tag manager. We are able to place all your campaign operations, such as your adwords and analytical data in one place so that we can read and control everything together, as opposed to signing into different accounts.

All Google Analytics consultants at BrandJaws are Certified Experts with Immense Experience

Every Google Analytics consultant we hire is carefully screened in order to ensure that we only have thorough professionals designing your strategies and working on your campaigns. Our Google Analytics consulting team members are put through rigorous testing before they are considered for important web analytics consultant positions.

Our clients are pleased with the comprehensive coverage in our web analytics services packages, and BrandJaws has become an easy choice amid a range of competing web analytics companies. Along with tracking your web analytics progress, we also advise you as to how you should make adjustments in order to improve your campaign’s progress. In other words, while you may have already set up your campaign, we advise you on how you may fine tune your online marketing operation.

BrandJaws doesn’t claim to be a top performing web analytics agency, but it’s our clients who follow us and hire us based on our proven track record in Google Analytics consulting services. Our portfolio carries big names from various industries, with testimonials that back up our proven Google Analytics service.


Our work speaks for itself, so therefore we mean business and creativity. All of the clients are satisfied with our work. So check some of our creative picks and judge by yourself.

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