Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Focus more on building your business, and let BrandJaws manage and maintain your website and its security.

Website Maintenance

In contrast to yesteryears, website maintenance today is quite different thanks to the development of technology. Today’s tools have made these tasks far easier although there are many more areas to look after with not just content maintenance and version updates, but also security and prevention of deliberate attacks. This is what professional website maintenance is about.


  • Website Maintenance & Support
  • Website Service Management
  • Design And Development Support
  • Client Hosting Support
  • Content Management
  • Website Security Management
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Virus And Malware Protection

website maintenance and support

Leading the Way in Website Management Services

BrandJaws is a leader in offering website maintenance services, and apart from our skills in programming, SEO and many other areas, we also update and manage the security of your web assets. Our website maintenance and support is comprehensive as well as in-depth. This means that our website support maintenance takes care of every issue concerned with updating and running your website.

It’s pertinent to mention that the days when we all relied on a dedicated webmaster are long gone. Now, we have user-friendly website support services that encompass content management systems along with web platforms. These types of web maintenance packages have given website owners the leverage needed to at least make necessary textual updates.

Should You Manage Your Website on Your Own?

With more technical knowledge on your side, you will find yourself delving into making more and more adjustments under our website management service plans. However, as a business owner, is that really what you should be investing your time in? Why not let us manage all this for you through web site maintenance services? With our affordable website maintenance, we free you of this task, and carry out website management for you. This enables you to manage your business and not have to worry about website design and maintenance, such as aesthetic and content appearance or any malicious attacks by viruses floating around the Internet.

Let Us Manage Your Website Maintenance for You

When you let us manage the content on your website as well as security within a website maintenance package, you will have your hands completely free. Following strict website maintenance plans, we produce and update the content for you, and then upload it to your website. Some of the things that we update on a regular basis as part of our website maintenance packages include:

  • Text and image updates
  • Functionality changes and updates (Per need or per schedule)
  • Styling elements
  • Announcements (Per schedule)

Other than these features in web maintenance services, we also make adjustments with the following as and when the need arises:

  • Google Maps integration
  • Social media links
  • Events calendar
  • Slideshow or banner
  • Web forms
  • Custom mobile site
  • Calls-to-action
  • Print collateral

Packages for Updating and maintaining Your Website

Taking care of updating and maintaining your website under a website maintenance plan has several benefits. With our website management services, you can draw more traffic, as search engines take note of the freshness of the content on your website. Your updated web presence can result in more sales and leads, and it can also reinforce your brand identity.

While there are several website management companies out there that offer web maintenance and web management, our form of website support overshadows them due to our high skill level and experience. Always choose a website maintenance company that has these elements to its credit.

So take advantage of the immense opportunity for website maintenance service lying before you, and let us be the website management company that will manage your content and security for you.


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